Credit: Mike Allred/Laura Allred (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mike Allred/Laura Allred (Marvel Comics)

Long-time collaborators Peter Milligan and Michael "Doc" Allred are launching a new series for Marvel in 2020 called The X-Cellent. Revealed in the back of this week's Giant-Size X-Statix #1 the publisher sent out to press early. The publisher hasn't specified the length of the series.

The cover features the newly introduced U-Go Girl with Anarchist, reeling from an attack by Zeitgeist - who is joined by his colleagues Evil Eye, Hurt John, Uno, and an unidentified blonde character. The ever-present Doop is in the background.

When asked back in April about his plans after Giant-Size X-Statix, Milligan told Newsarama "Let’s get this new X-Statix story out. And then we - and the world - will understand. As for me, I have a number of very exciting projects coming up … but now’s not really the time to talk about that."

"No dust ever settled as these characters have been running through our heads nonstop, despite being hidden away from the public," Allred told Newsarama in April. "There’s a natural progression that makes everything that came before feel like an epic preamble. There are beautiful little seeds that were planted in our original run that are blooming gloriously in a way beyond what I could have hoped."

Milligan and Allred's Giant-Size X-Statix #1 reveals an all-new U-Go Girl - the daughter of the original, who died in X-Statix. We'll hold off on spoilers for that, as the book isn't even on shelves yet.

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