E3 2008 Report - The Other Guys

E3 2008 Report - The Other Guys

We’ve brought you coverage on Microsoft’s stellar conference, and Sony and Nintendo’s (cough snooze-fests cough) press conferences, but what about the third parties? Well, here’s your round up of everything (else) you need to know that came out of E3 2008.

Capcom held a press conference, and gamers were excited to hear the latest on Street Fighter 4, Mega Man 9, maybe some new Resident Evil 5 scoop, even. Unfortunately, Capcom had a different idea, and talked the whole time about the newly announced movie adaptation of Lost Planet. The movie will be written by David Hayter and produced by Marvel movie vet Avi Arad. The game is also becoming a comic from Devil’s Due Productions.

Coming soon from Ubisoft (drumroll)… More Rayman Raving Rabbids! And the crowd goes, “huh, saw that coming” (more Petz games are coming, too). Tom Clancy’s Endwar showed off its voice-controlled real time strategy, and promises to use natural, easy-to-remember phrases. Far Cry 2 is an almost open world FPS. Prince of Persia is shaping up nicely, with new gameplay using the partner character, Elka. Finally, a new survival adventure taking place in a ruined Chicago was announced. I Am Alive survives in Spring 2009.

Wolfenstein is in the house! A new game in the seminal series is coming, well, at one point or another from Activision. In addition to already-announced Spiderman: Web of Shadows and Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Fusion, more comic-y goodness is coming from Activision through the licensed Wolverine: Origins and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie games. No word yet on whether they’ll break the streak, and be movie games that aren’t actually bad. Great news for Xbox 360 fans, Guitar Hero: World Tour, the upcoming multi-instrument madness, will be compatible with Rock Band instruments! PS3 gamers, thus far, are out of luck, and will need two entire fake bands worth of instruments if they want to play both games.

Konami isn’t (just) resting on their laurels with arguably the first PS3 system-seller, Metal Gear Solid 4. They’ve got new Castelvania and Silent Hill games coming, as well as Rock Revolution. The band-rhythm game will NOT include vocals, and has a drum set with approximately 83 pads. When shown at their E3 conference, the crowd seemed confused.

Borderlands, 2kSports, GTA: Chinatown, and more came out of the Take2 talk, but the biggest news from them is Sony’s first foray into an arena Microsoft is becoming adept at. Microsoft has already announced exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto 4 (also from Take2) and the upcoming Fallout 3. Now, Sony is getting exclusive downloadable content for last year’s critical darling Bioshock. The content will be in the form of new puzzle scenarios that take place outside of (and don’t seem to expand upon) the regular story, but it’s a clear win for Sony when they’re in desperate need of one after Square’s surprise sharing of Final Fantasy XIII. Will it be enough for multi-system owners to reenter the world of Rapture? We’ll see later this year!

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