AKIRA Anime Series Sequel Coming from KATSUHIRO OTOMO

Credit: TMS Entertainment
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Katsuhiro Otomo will create a new anime series described as a 'continuation' of his iconic cyberpunk manga and anime Akira, as announced at Anime Expo in Los Angeles (via The Hollywood Reporter).

No details on the new Akira series, which will be released through Sunrise, were reported by the Hollywood trade. A 4K Ultra-HD release of the original film is due out April 24, 2020. Meanwhile a live-action adaptation from director Taika Waititi is set for a May 21, 2021 theatrical release.

Otomo also announced a new film, Orbital Era - his third following 1988's Akira and 2004's Steamboy - which will take place in a near-future sci-fi world where teen boys navigate life on a developing space colony.

Here's the official teaser:

Otomo himself is writing, directing, and designing the still in-production film.

More information and a statement from Otomo himself can be found on Orbital Era's official website

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