MAD MAGAZINE Dropping New Content, Leaving Newsstands

Credit: DC
Credit: DC

MAD Magazine will be transition to become a reprint magazine with no new content outside its covers following October's #10.

"MAD will be leaving the newstand after issue #9. MAD #9 will land on newsstands in early August with all-new content," said DC's Manager of Comic Book Specialty Marketing Adam Phillips in a message to comic book store retailers Thursday. "Issue #10 will also contain new content and be available only via the direct market and subscriptions. Issues thereafter will feature reprinted classic MAD pieces with brand-new covers."

Credit: DC

MAD was founded in 1952 by cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines as a satirical comic book, and quickly grew to be the preeminent humor magazine of its time. At its height in 1974, MAD boasted a 2+ million print run with each issue.

In 2017, DC relaunched MAD with a new #1 after 550 issues, concurrent with a change in lead editor and a move of its offices from New York to Burbank.

"I've been proud to be a friend to some of the gang since my adolescence, and to have served as MAD's publisher for 17 years," wrote former DC Publisher Paul Levitz on Facebook. "I can't say I contributed much to its glory: I never found the business model to help it adapt to the changes in our culture, to kids' reading patterns, and technology that has accelerated the cycle of snark. But we tried, again and again."

Although DC doesn't plan to publish new content in the MAD Magazine issues, it does plan new content for its end-of-year specials, as well as unnamed book projects.

MAD #9 is scheduled for release August 21, with #10 following on October 16.

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