DIABOLIK Remake Coming in 2020 - With a '100% Italian' Cast

Credit: Astorina
Luca Marinelli
Luca Marinelli
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Luca Marinelli has been cast in the title role for a new Diabolik film produced by Rai Cinema. Adapted from the classic Italian comic by Angela and Luciana Guissani, Rai's Diabolik will co-star Miriam Leoone as Eva Kant, Valerio Mastandrea as Inspector Ginko, and Serena Rossi in an unnamed role.

"We are proud of our casting choices," said producers Antonio and Marco Manetti (translated from Italian). "Diabolik is an Italian comic strip - a myth of the collective imagination - and we strongly wanted the cast to be 100% Italian. In choosing the protagonists, we did not rely on the mere resemblanced, but we aimed - and found - good actors, able to communite the right emotions."

Credit: Scorpion Productions

Diabolik has been a staple in Italian comics since its debut in 1962 from Astorina, and follows the titular thief as he slowly segues from being a ruthless criminal to learning how to be a better person. Kant is Diabolik's long-time partner/lover, and they are pursued by police forces led by Inspector Ginko. Grant Morrison has said that his Marvel character Fantomex is based on Diabolik.

"Luca Marinelli, one of the versatile actors of Italian cinema, is able to bring the charm and coldness of Diabolik on screen without making him lose humanity," the brothers continued.

Marinelli is currently filming Netflix's The Old Guard.

"Miriam Loeon is an actress with character, both beautiful and sensual, and is the perfect Eva kant. Valerio Mastandrea is so empathetic, he will be able to make Ginko the antagonist to love."

Rai's Diabolik is scheduled to debut in 2020.

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