LOKI's Back as a Hero - Honest!

Loki #1
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua/David Curiel (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ozgur Yildirim (Marvel Comics)

Loki died in the War of the Realms kick-off back in April, but returned by that event series' end - reborn, as it were, as he cut himself out of his Frost Giant father's gut. And with that 'rebirth' comes a change of ways for the Asgardian god of mischief - a new leaf as it were, for good.

Serious. You can trust him... or at least that's what he wants you to think.

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith, artist Oscar Bazaldua, and colorist David Curiel have paved a rainbow bridge for Loki back to Earth - and back in his own ongoing series debuting July 17 from Marvel Comics.

Newsarams spoke with Kibblesmith about this new book, and a character that's, as he puts it, "the Marvel Universe's dirtbag ex-boyfriend that we keep taking back."

Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua/David Curiel (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Daniel, your leading man died just before your book was announced. How are you and Loki bouncing back from that?

Daniel Kibblesmith: What? WHEN?

Nrama: War of the Realms #1, back in April - we even did a story about it.

Kibblesmith: Oh man, this is ... this might derail some stuff, Loki is, no exaggeration, the main character of our Loki series.

Nrama: Ok, Loki just returned at the end of June in War of the Realms #6. You're saved.

Kibblesmith: Kidding, obviously. So, everyone knows Loki loves a good resurrection. The difference this time is that he made a genuine sacrifice -- no plan, no scheme, no exit strategy -- and as a result, he was reborn in this tremendously mythological way, baptized in blood and bursting forth, reborn as a full-fledged hero. So actually having a clean slate is very unfamiliar territory for him, and he's not sure how to do everything that's expected of him.

Nrama: What's your take on Loki? How would you sum him up?

Credit: Oscar Bazaldua/David Curiel (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)

Kibblesmith: There's a great description of the mythological Loki in Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology book: "Loki makes the world interesting but less safe." I think this is still true of our Loki. He's a sexy scoundrel, the Marvel Universe's dirtbag ex-boyfriend, that we keep taking back. But I promise, Loki's different this time. He's changed. You can trust him.

Nrama: The solicits infer that Loki has some new responsibilities post-War of the Realms. Can you say what they are?

Kibblesmith: Yes! He's King of The Frost Giants, King of Jotunheim. By blood - which to Frost Giants means either by birth or by combat. In this case, it's both. Here's the thing: Loki was raised in Asgard, and historically speaking, that's the throne he's had his eye on. So now, we've got a small, tiny, small king, throwing around a lot of big words and a smug attitude, in charge of a kingdom of bloodthirsty giants who only respect strength. I'm sure things will go fine.

Nrama: What is Loki and Thor's relationship like at this stage?

Kibblesmith: Well, imagine your golden boy older brother just got promoted to King of the Universe. On the bright side, Loki has got Thor's trust, maybe more than ever. But that comes with a lot of pressure to live up to it. Thor has stepped up as King of Asgard and the new All-Father and he expects Loki to do the same. Thor sees them as two brothers on twin thrones, ushering in a new age of peace and stability. Loki thinks that sounds like the end of a story, not the beginning of one.

Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua/David Curiel (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: Loki #2 portends a meeting between Loki and Tony Stark for some advice. That reunion seems like a powder keg - can you give us a tease on how that goes?

Kibblesmith: Poorly.

Nrama: .... tease. And in #3 we know that Nightmare is coming to play. What brings these two at odds with one another?

Kibblesmith: These guys have history. Nightmare was one of the big bads of Journey Into Mystery, where he got hoodwinked by Kid Loki. Now he senses vulnerability and a chance for revenge. And with everybody still healing and rebuilding after the War of The Realms, he's not wrong.

Nrama: From the sounds of the solicitation, Loki is rather quickly paced. How would you describe your overall approach and what you're doing to hook people in with this initial arc?

Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)

Kibblesmith: No one is going to want to miss this comic. Issue One: Loki builds a snowman. Issue Two: Loki visits Iron Man's house. Issue Three: Loki gets a new power - or curse - that will forever transform his role in the Marvel Universe as we know it. If that's not enough hooks, then by Issue Five, we'll make him a cowboy or something.

Nrama: Then what would you say are your overarching goals for Loki?

Kibblesmith: If we're lucky enough to get enough support to keep this book going, I have a 100-issue plan for Loki, but full disclosure, issues 49-62 are just Loki binge watching Downton Abbey. I don't know if I'm joking or not.

But we seriously do have a lot of cool arcs in mind. I want to go beyond Loki of Asgard to Loki of the Marvel Universe. He's got brand new hero pants on and he wants to see it all, from jumping around rooftops in Manhattan to the farthest reaches of space. He's a thousand years old, semi-indestructible, and he's the rare character who hangs out with Mephisto, Squirrel Girl, and Thanos. There's no story he can't star in, so let's do them all.

Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Oscar Bazaldua/David Curiel (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: For Loki, you're working with Oscar Bazaldua, fresh off drawing Mr. & Mrs. X. What do you see in Oscar's work that you're hoping to take advantage of in this series?

Kibblesmith: Sexiness. Sorry, it slipped out. I meant to say: Sexiness. But Oscar's art is incredible across the board, I was a huge fan of the work he was doing on one of my favorite X-Couples, and he's so good at capturing the humor, the emotion, and the weird, psychedelic action that's going to define this story. He also makes Loki a cutie without losing his sinister edge. And just wait until you see all the little outfits we're gonna put him in.

Nrama: Before I let you go back to writing Daniel, what would you do if you were in Loki's shoes in this situation?

Kibblesmith: I would probably buy my own comic book on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. I would definitely want to find out what happens to me. Also, when I said Loki didn't have a scheme this time? Well, it wouldn't be a Loki comic if everything I just said was true.

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