Marvel Zombies
Credit: Inhyuk Lee (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Inhyuk Lee (Marvel Comics)

Just as Robert Kirkman's main zombie comic The Walking Dead is apparently coming to an end, Marvel Comics has announced his other zombie comic Marvel Zombies will be returning this October.

This digital painting by Inhyuk Lee shows Captain America, Deadpool, and Wolverine as zombies. While the three are some of Marvel's most popular characters, they also have a shared connection as subjects of the stories Weapon program.

Originally created as a play on Marvel's term for its fans as 'Marvel Zombies,' the Marvel Zombies franchise was launched in 2005 by Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips. The two returned for a sequel in 2007. Subsequent volumes were written and drawn by others.

Look for more on this new Marvel Zombies project here at Newsarama as its revealed.

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