Is BLACK ADAM the Missing Member of the SHAZAM! Family in This Deleted Scene?

David F. Sandberg on SHAZAM! set
Credit: New Line Cinema

A deleted scene from the home video release of New Line Cinema's Shazam! may hint at the titular hero's arch-enemy, Black Adam.

In the scene, Shazam and his five foster siblings sit on the thrones of the Rock of Eternity, with Mary quickly noticing that, with six heroes and seven thrones, there's one member of the family left to find.

"Whoever it is, I'm gonna love them no matter what," exudes Darla Dudley, played as an adult by Meagan Good, as they puzzle over who might take that throne. "Because they're an automatic part of this family."

The scene can be viewed right here.

Though there is no direct allusion to Black Adam, this may pick up on a thread that made it into the theatrical release of the film in which the Wizard shows Billy Batson the dark fate of a previous champion in vague terms.

Dwayne Johnson is signed on to play Black Adam in a titular spin-off film before clashing with Shazam in a proposed sequel film.

Shazam! is available on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra-HD, and digital platforms starting July 2.

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