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This week’s Marvel Comics Presents #6 continues the series’ exploration into a dark and hidden period of Wolverine’s past with a flashback to 1995 from writer Charles Soule and artists Paolo Siqueira, Oren Junior, and Frank D'Armata.

But this chapter of "The Vigil" may offer a much bigger revelation for Wolverine and the X-Men than a clandestine World War 2 mission and a stalking demon.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics Presents #6 ahead.

Credit: Marvel Comics

With Alpha Flight’s Talisman contacting Wolverine to alert him to the return of the demon called “The Truth” – a creature summoned in World War 2 who returns to hunt Wolverine every decade - Logan enlists the X-Men to help him fight the demon off.

Talisman transports the team to the demon’s location – but she’s quickly felled. And as the only magic-user present, the team’s chances of defeating the demon drop significantly. Just when all seems lost, a mysterious clawed figure arrives to fight the demon off – an armored woman with bone claws much like Wolverine's, but who also appears to be magically empowered.

When the team asks who she is, Wolverine offers an enigmatic answer – “I don’t know her, but I’m pretty sure she’s my daughter.”

As for who she is, she appears to be a member of “Clan D’Arqueness” – the original summoners of the Truth, alongside whom Wolverine has fought the demon over the years.

But whether she's legitimate or not - she ain't the first child of Wolverine to pop up. In the present day, his son Daken has operated as a member of “Dark” versions of the X-Men and Avengers and even died and come back. Then there’s X-23, who is a genetically created duplicate of Wolverine who is sometimes considered his ‘daughter’ since she is comprised of 50% of his DNA.

Then there’s the Ultimate Universe’s Jimmy Hudson, the biological son of that world’s Wolverine who traveled to the core Marvel Universe and even teamed up with a squad of X-Men for a time. Then there's also the slew of children nicknamed the Mongrels, introduced in Jason Aaron's Wolverine run.

Whether Wolverine’s actually got another long lost kid may be revealed in July 31’s Marvel Comics Presents #7.

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