MOUSE GUARD Director Says Movie is 'Dead' - But Shares Amazing Concept Art & Animation

Mouse Guard
Credit: 20th Century Fox

The planned Mouse Guard animated movie is "dead" according to director Wes Ball.

"Seems it's too big a risk. It’s a damn shame really. We had something special," Ball tweeted. "To my hella talented cast/crew: I’m sorry I couldn’t push this one through. The past year with you all has been a blast. May the Guard prevail!"

Along with that, Ball shared video and concept art from the canceled production:


"Previz work Wes Ball did for the Mouse Guard movie (before WETA would do final character/texture work)... Even in this state, the emotions, story, and deeper purpose of the Mice of the Guard & their world shine through," Mouse Guard creator David Petersen wrote on Facebook. "Thank you to the team that made me proud of the Guard in a whole new way."

Mouse Guard was in pre-production at 20th Century Fox, but following that company's acquisition by the Walt Disney Company the film was canceled.

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