Zenescope Entertainment April 2010 Solicitations

Zenescope April 2010 Solicitations

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 Joe Brusha (W)

Jean Paul Deshong (A)

32 pages

FC 2.99

Pan learns that Wendy has come to Neverland and been captured by the islands natives. He unleashes his terrifying army of Lost Boys to rescue her from her captors, laying waste to their village in the process. Meanwhile Cross meets an ally that may hold the key to defeating Pan.  


Raven Gregory (W)

Vic Drujiniu (A)

32 pages

FC 3.99

The city is in absolute chaos as the awakened zombies tear apart the city in search of those who have wronged them. The police have the man responsible in custody and he has agreed to send them all back...but for a price. The tragic origin of Jonathan and Madison Raine is finally revealed and the final chapter of THE WAKING is here!  


Scott Burn (W)

Paul Roper (A)

32 pages

FC 2.99

As the epic and bloody battle between different planet’s best warriors continues in a distant world, one team finds that the price for losing is nothing short of horrific as its warriors are forced to watch as their own race is brutally massacred by the hierarchy. Meanwhile the remaining participants must prepare for yet another battle on a strange and dangerous desert terrain while the human team finds that it might be at a disadvantage this time around. And one team member realizes the sacrifice that she must make.


Jerrold E. Brown (W)

Daniel Schneider (A)

32 pages

FC 2.99

With Wardogs hot on their trail in an abandoned train station, Sonny and Dane must go to battle against the gang that is intent on stopping them dead in their tracks. As they fight for their survival, Dane proves to Sonny that she’s not just a pretty face. While the two attempt their escape another Merc is commissioned into action to find the elusive pair and nobody is ready for the grotesque yet efficient blend of humanity and machine that is known only as Kung!  

Grimm Fairy Tales #49

Joe Brusha (W)

32 pages

FC 2.99

For centuries Sela has helped put her human charges on the right path. Using her book as a gateway to the fairy tale realm to harness its powers and magical creatures to teach her lessons. Now she finds herself pulled into that same fairy tale world where war is imminent and not everyone is going to live happily ever after. Don’t miss this prelude to the incredible 50th milestone issue of Grimm Fairy Tales.  


Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco, Raven Gregory(W)

368 pgs

FC $39.99

Includes GRIMM FAIRY TALES #13-24, GRIMM FAIRY TALES 2008 Annual, short stories WICKED WAYS and THE LAMP, and cover gallery all in this limited edition hard cover.  

Grimm Fairy Tales April Fools edition Vol 2

Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco(W)

48 pages

FC 5.99

Volume 2 of the sophomoric yet hilarious foray into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe is back! The first issue left most fans wanting more, it left others wondering if we’d lost our minds and it left a small handful suffering temporary IQ loss. But we’re back at it again so please read at your own risk! Five Grimm Fairy Tales stories are re-lettered with alternate storylines and some alternate artwork to create brand new takes on past Grimm issues that will have you laughing out loud. Grimm Fairy Tales gets the Mystery Science Theater treatment and this time you don’t want to miss the fun!  

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