DEADLY CLASS Not Picked Up By Other Networks, But REMENDER Says 'Sort of Perfect'

Deadly Class
Credit: Syfy
Credit: Wes Craig (Image Comics)

Deadly Class co-creator/co-showrunner Rick Remender says that hopes that the live-action show would be picked up by another network have been dashed - and that's ok.

"Deadly Class will not be moving to a new network. Which is sort of perfect when you think about it," Remender tweeted. "If you want to see what happens after the 1st season you'll have to buy the comics, which are pretty keen. Thank you to our fans for the huge support. You helped soothe the sting."

The series, which Syfy passed on picking up for a second season, was based on Remender's Image Comics series of the same name with co-creator Wes Craig.

"Damn it! Deadly Class is canceled! How can I find out what happened to those crazy kids!?!" Craig tweeted shortly after Remender's announcement, before sharing links to the Comic Shop Locator and various online outlets to buy the comic book series.

Deadly Class #39 hits shelves on Wednesday, and seven volumes of the creator-owned series are available in collected format.

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