MARVEL Wants a Midnight HOUSE (Party) OF X At Your Local Comic Store

House of X #1 party variant
Credit: Humberto Ramos/Edgar Delgado (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Humberto Ramos/Edgar Delgado (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has informed retailers that July 24's House of X #1 may be sold at midnight the day of - and are offering special merchandise for any retailers wanting to throw a release party.

The publisher has revealed a new Humberto Ramos/Edgar Delgado House of X #1 variant available as a party favor, and say that additional "promotional items" are on their way.

One thing that won't be there are the planned House of X / Powers of X seed packets previously advertised by Marvel. They have been pushed back to a July 31 release, coinciding with the sister series Powers of X.

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