Fans Decide Fate of 3 Would-Be AHOY COMICS Titles in STEEL CAGE

Steel Cage #1 preview 2019

AHOY Comics are putting three would-be comic book titles against each other in a battle for one chance at becoming a solo title with the publisher - and its up to the fans to decide. In this week's Steel Cage #1, the creative teams of Mark Waid/Laura Souvanny, Tom Peyer/Alan Robinson, and Stuart Moore/Peter Gross share a preview of the stories they want to go on, and they've shared that here at Newsarama.

Steel Cage just might be the greatest moment of fan participation since fans called a 1-900 number and voted for a teenage sidekick to die," said AHOY Comics publisher Hart Seely.

The stories are:

Noah Zark by Waid and Souvanny. "An alien boy is kidnapped into an interplanetary zoo - and becomes the protector of the animals."

“As I look down from high above the Mount Olympus of legendary comic book writers, it amuses me to see the flailing True Identity and Bright Boy teams wander aimlessly in search of some sort, any sort of ladder with which to ascend by standing on the backs of their adorable ‘creations.’" said Waid. "Perhaps there will come a day when they find themselves privileged enough to sit before Lanna and I and bask in our boundless glory. Until then, we shall simply nibble on our ambrosia and laugh.”

True Identity by Peyer and Robinson, "in which we learn what secret anguish drives the most beloved superhero on Earth."

“When I read Bright Boy or Noah Zark--and I've been reading both stories obsessively--my head is tilted as if to say, 'what an adorable, childlike attempt to prevent the inevitable victory of Alan's and my True Identity.'" said Peyer. "And then I shed a tear, because there's something deeply sad about their efforts.”

Bright Boy by Moore and Gross, about "the grim tale of the world’s smartest human—and the havoc he leaves in his wake."

“I mean, let's get real,” said Moore. "When you come home from a hard day at the Soylent Green plant and rip open your comics bundle, what do you want to read about? A kid in a zoo? A superhero? No—you want to read about the smartest guy in the world! Bright Boy for the win!”

Fan voting begins Monday at, with voting scheduled to end July 12 and the winner scheduled to be announced the week after at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

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