SHURI Writer Explains Why She Left The Book - Says 'Not Cancelled'

Marvel Comics July 2019 single cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Shuri writer Dr. Nnedi Okorafor has taken to Twitter to explain that the title hasn't been "cancelled" by Marvel - but that she's no longer writing it either. 

"No, [Shuri] was not 'cancelled'," Okorafor explained on her personal Twitter. "I gave Marvel notice months ago that I couldn't continue because I'm writing the pilots for the Amazon TV series Wild Seed and another TV series I can't announce and a novel, etc."

It's unclear whether Shuri is ending; Okorafor's quarrel seems to be with the terminology of "cancellation," implying the series, if ending, would be coming to a close due to low sales. Marvel Comics has not issued any official comment on the future of the title.

Shuri has not been solicited since July's #10, with no issue being advertised for August or September.

Shuri #10, penned by Okorafor with art from Rachael Stott, is due out July 24. 

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