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Updated January 14, 2020: Marvel Studios has officially acknowledged Ray Winstone's casting in Black Widow, in albeit low-key terms, confirming Hollywood trade reporting from this past summer.

The actors name is included along with the confirmed cast members in a credit's card at the end of the new Black Widow 'Special Look' along with William Hurt, who both received a "with" credit.

Unlike Hurt, who appeared in seeming de-aged form in the first trailer, Winstone has not appeared in any of the promotional footage released so far. 

Black Widow opens May 1. 

Originally published June 20, 2019: Ray Winstone has been cast in an unspecified role for Marvel Studios' Black Widow, according to Variety.

Black Widow, which is currently in production, features long-time MCU veteran Scarlett Johansson reprising her role in her first standalone story. Other reported cast members are David Harbour and Florence Pugh.

Winstone is best known for his roles in The Departed and Sexy Beast, and recently finished up a film adaptation of Cats.

Marvel Studios has not set a release date for Black Widow.

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