Marvel's 80th Anniversary Story Continues in MARVEL COMICS #1001

Marvel Comics #1001
Credit: Rod Reis (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Rod Reis (Marvel Comics)

Following August's Marvel Comics #1000, Marvel Comics will continue the title and numbering into September with Marvel Comics #1001

Like Marvel Comics #1000, #1001 will feature a wide array of creative talent spread across its unspecified page count. The partial list announced on includes Al Ewing, Nick Spencer, G. Willow Wilson, Scott Aukerman, ACO, Brian Posehn, Howard Chaykin, Vita Ayala, Humberto Ramos, Audrey Loeb, Dario Brizuela, Ann Nocenti, Kim Jacinto, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Declan Shalvey, Kaare Andrews, Amy Reeder, Natacha Bustos, Frank Tieri, Dan Panosian, André Lima Araújo, Bill Morrison, Trina Robbins, and Marc Guggenheim, with more to be named. The cover, seen here, is by Rod Reis.

The issue continues the story of the 'Eternity Mask' and its wearer which will begin in August 28's Marvel Comics #1000. Both the mask and its owner remain mysterious, with few details yet revealed.

Marvel Comics #1001 is due out September 25. 

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