JAMES BOND In an Uncomfortable Spot in 007 #8 Preview

"James Bond 007 #8" preview

Check out a preview of this week's James Bond 007 #8.

James Bond 007 #8
writer: Greg Pak  |  artist: Eric Gapstur
covers: Dave Johnson (A), Khoi Pham (B), Steve Lieber (C), Eric Gapstur (D)
FC  |  32 pages  |  Action/Adventure  |  $3.99  |  Teen+
You think you know Goldfinger. But you don’t know THIS Goldfinger. Go inside the mind of the most ruthless sociopath in the world, courtesy of GREG PAK (World War Hulk, Weapon X) and ERIC GAPSTUR (Batman Beyond, The Flash: Year Zero).

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