How One Publisher Aims to Change the Way Comics are Serialized & Collected

Credit: Claudia Ianniciello (A Wave Blue World)
Credit: A Wave Blue World

A Wave Blue World are introducing a new model for how comic books are serialized with a new single issue / graphic novel release plan called the 'Premier #1 Program.'

Under this new model, AWBW say they will release a $3.99 first issue of a new series in print, then segue to to a twice-monthly digital release schedule and a collected edition within two months of the #1's debut. The #1s will include the first full issue, as well as extra material such as concept art.

“Two of the challenges that prevent fans from reading indie comics are the difficulty in finding all the issues and waiting long periods of time for them to come out," said AWBW President/Co-Publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner. "We’ve addressed both of those problems by having the full series completed in advance and ready to deliver in whatever format the reader prefers.”

This new business model is intended to streamline a comic book title's serialization, with the first issue acting as a sampler before a reader continues on with digital singles or a print collected edition. AWBW plans to offer the print single issues and collections through Diamond Comic Distributors for comic book stores and other outlets.

"The Premier line of books is a celebration of A Wave Blue World’s promise: To bring daring authors and innovative artists together for compelling stories about amazing characters and personal journeys,” said Editorial Director Joseph Illidge. “We can’t wait for you to see these books, created with the true collaborative nature of our comics community in mind!”

AWBW's Premiere #1 Program begins this October with two titles: Mezo and Dead Legends. Here is the solicitation for both issues:

Credit: Claudia Ianniciello (A Wave Blue World)

Tyler Chin-Tanner, Josh Zingerman, Val Rodrigues, Doug Garbark, Thomas Mauer
$3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color
On Sale October 2
Cover Artist: Claudia Ianniciello
The rise of the Tzalekuhl Empire threatens to disrupt the peace that has lasted for generations across the land of Mezo. When the conquest begins, a young girl named Kyma witnesses the death of her father, Hegol, a tribal leader who refused to yield.
As the solar eclipse nears, Kyma must unite the various tribes against an emperor determined to make them all kneel before his god or be sacrificed in his name.
MEZO is a daring Mesoamerican-inspired Game of Thrones-type epic that can only be found at A Wave Blue World.


Credit: Leo Colapietro (A Wave Blue World)

James Maddox, Gavin Smith, Ryan Ferrier
$3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color
On Sale October 9
Cover Artist: Leo Colapietro
A widow seeking revenge. A champion hellbent on losing. A world-class assassin second-guessing her contract. The Dead Legends tournament contains a long history of pitting the best fighters in the world against one another, but this year, these combatants bend the rules and place the future of the tournament in jeopardy. This is the martial arts throwback series that hits harder than a kick to the skull, where alliances are made, bonds are broken, and fighters lose their lives.
DEAD LEGENDS is Kill Bill meets Enter the Dragon.  

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