JON HAMM Jokes About STAR WARS Not Casting Him Yet

Jon Hamm
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Jon Hamm has had his share of A-list parts, but there's one that has been out of reach for him: a role in a Star Wars film.

During a First Times episode recorded with his Good Omens co-star Nick Offerman, the Mad Men actor said that he's disappointed he hasn't been hired on for a Star Wars movie.

"There have been more Star Wars things with more people in them. Where’s my phone call?" Hamm said. "I’ve been a nerf herder. I get the lingo."

Offerman, who shared similar complaints about not being in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings franchise, tried to console the fellow actor but Hamm admited (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) he was "still a little upset about that."

So - could you see Jon Hamm in a Star Wars movie? Who could he play?

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