Joe Madureira Says BATTLE CHASERS #10 - #12 Still Happening (But With a Catch)

Battle Chasers
Credit: Joe Madureira

Battle Chasers writer/artist Joe Madureira says that work on the long-delayed continuation of the series is still in development, but he has decided to enlist others to help him draw upcoming issues.

"Realistically, the only way to get the books finished and into your hands any time soon is to recruit some highly talented individuals to help out," Madureira said. "I’ll still be working on the story of course, and drawing as many pages as I can manage. One of the reasons I haven’t let anyone take over the series in the last 20 years is because I always felt that if it were to continue, it had to be me. Or a team I had complete faith in, and I think I’ve found that team. I’ll be releasing more details on that soon"

Back in 2015 Madureira ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund development of the since-successful platform game Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and those who backed with $100 were promised "digital issues of the upcoming and all-new Battle Chasers #10, #11 and #12" with an expected December 2016 release date.

"Unfortunately, it’s proven difficult to work on them alongside my responsibilities at the studio," Madureira said, referring to his game studio Airship Syndicate. "Issues #10-12 will pick up exactly where the last issue left off, and focus on Garrison, his past, and his complicated relationship with the fugitive Red Monika."

Madureira also stated that Image Comics plans to re-release the out-of-print Battle Chasers Anthology from 2011 in a new softcover edition this September. That collection reprinted the first nine issues of the Cliffhanger series, as well as several short stories, pin-ups, and concept art.

The last new isue of Battle Chasers, #9, was released on August 22, 2001.

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