Ghosted in L.A. #1
Credit: Siobhan Keenan (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Sina Grace

Editor's Note: Sina Grace has shared a personal letter they wrote to fans late last night about his new series Ghosted in L.A., which debuts July 10. The writer has shared the letter with Newsarama to reach readers and potential readers.

Hello, you.

Credit: Sina Grace

It’s midnight here in Los Angeles, and today will mark the final order cutoff for my new comic book series, Ghosted in L.A. While I am loving the work that BOOM!’s marketing department has done to spread awareness about the adventures of Daphne Walters and the ghosts of Rycroft Manor, I wanted to take a moment to add a little personal note. What you may not realize is that for as much of my writing and art have been on the racks for nearly a decade, I’ve never done a comic that is truly 100% “Me.” Sure, there are the autobio books, and my flavor is peppered throughout the mainstream work, but you haven’t seen me build a universe from the ground up.

Credit: Sina Grace

That’s what makes Ghosted in L.A. so special. Without taking anything away from the contributions of the book’s stellar artist, Siobhan Keenan, colorist Cathy Le, or letterer DC Hopkins, this book is truly a labor of love that I’ve poured every ounce of my identity into. From the character designs, to the cast’s wardrobe, the sets and settings, sounds, and culture of Daphne’s Los Angeles, I’ve gone to great efforts to make sure there is a level of visual and narrative cohesion that I hadn’t achieved in previous projects. I’m so grateful for my editors Shannon Watters and Mike Moccio for supporting my excitement and guiding this book to its current shape.

Credit: Sina Grace/Siobhan Keenan

Based on the solicits, you’re aware that I have twelve issues with these characters, and I’m hoping in the next few months I can win your hearts and get another twelve more. There are just too many stories I have to tell with these ghosts, because every aspect of their lives fascinates me as a writer. As someone who has always lived in apartment buildings, I’ve been curious to explore the long-term relationships we form with our neighbors.

Credit: Sina Grace

Ghosted in L.A. will allow me to honor all the peculiar folks I’ve met when living in Santa Monica, Koreatown, Mid-City, West Hollywood, and Los Feliz. Add to that the supernatural element and overarching questions readers will have about the presence of Agi, Maurice, Shirley, Ricky, and Pam? Well, let’s just say I finally get to serve my own wild CW-esque ride where a question gets answered with a new question, characters are impeccably dressed and excessively witty, where I get to plant seeds in the first issue that flower one or two arcs later.

Like I said, you’ve never seen me do something that’s so me.

Included are some of my original notes, inspirational books and music, and whatever little odds and ends I’ve had sitting by me while forming this book.

Enjoy, and please consider Ghosted in L.A. for your reading pleasure this summer

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