Spider-Man 4
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics tweeted out an apparent teaser image Sunday afternoon connecting Spider-Man and the numeral '4'. We have our theories, but first take a look:<


Given the hashtag "#MarvelComics", that would eliminate some fans' speculation that it would be Sam Raimi's fourth, unproduced Spider-Man film. While that would be interesting, it would seem to instead refer to the connection Spider-Man has had with the Fantastic Four.

Peter Parker has been an ally of Marvel's First Family, even becoming a member on a couple of occasions.

If this is a connection to Fantastic Four, it does have the potential to be even more intriguing given Marvel's Fantastic Four title is currently written by the longest Amazing Spider-Man scribe ever, Dan Slott.

What do you think the teaser means? What do you want it to mean? Let us know in the comments section.

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