CHEW Coming Back for Seconds? LAYMAN Reveals Work on 4 New Projects

"Chew #57" cover by Rob Guillory
Credit: Rob Guillory (Image Comics)
Credit: Image Comics

This week is the 10th anniversary of Chew's debut, and on the occassion writer/co-creator John Layman is announcing details on four (that''s right, four) follow-ups - including a direct sequel starring Tony Chu's daughter.

"I really, really wanted to have something concrete to announce for its tenth anniversary (spoiler: I don't.) But I can announce I've got more than 100 pages of Chew stuff written, three different projects set in the Chew-niverse, and that does not even count Chew2, which would star Olive Chu, and be set in a post-alien occupation sci-fi work," Layman tweeted.

Layman doesn't have plans for an ongoing series; instead he intends these as a series of limited series - with co-creator/artist Rob Guillory, but also potentially with other artists.

Credit: Image Comics

"There is also the complication that Rob is now working on his own book, Farmhand through Image, and it's really good, but that of course affects his availability," said the writer. "Any Chew book going forward would be different, then. That terrifies me."

Guillory has previously stated his interest in doing more Chew work with Layman. The artist is drawing a wraparound cover for Layman's Leviathan #4, which features the lead character and Poyo from Chew.

"Post script: Don't get too excited by the prospect of 'new Chew,'" Layman warns. "At this point only one of the books might happen. No artists are attached for other stuff. Nothing is approved. Nothing is on a schedule. At this time I am writing this stuff purely for myself."

"I fully expect to die of old age soon (very soon!!!) leaving behind stacks and stacks of unpublished Chew stuff."

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