STJEPAN SEJIC Reimagines HARLEY QUINN's Origin in Black Label HARLEEN Title

Harleen #1
Credit: Stjepan Šejić (DC/DC Black Label)
Credit: Stjepan Šejić (DC/DC Black Label)

Harley Quinn's origin will be retold - and remodeled - in a new DC Black Label series by writer/artist Stjepan Šejic. Harleen will follow Dr. Harleen Quinzel as her treatment of a crazed criminal, the Joker, turns into a love affair gone wrong.

Credit: Stjepan Šejić (DC/DC Black Label)

"Harleen is a story of a flawed person who meant well, a doctor who fell in love with her patient," reads DC's description of the title. "It is a story of her road to hell - paved with good intentions - and a smile that cost her her soul. More than anything it is a tale about good people falling. Falling in love, falling from grace, and falling apart."

Five unlettered pages from Harleen have been released, which you can view here.

Harleen #1 is scheduled to debut September 25, and is scheduled to run for three issues. This will run concurrent with a 9-issue re-telling of Harley Quinn's origin, Joker/Harley: Criminal Insanity, also from DC Black Label.

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