LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Returning Earlier Than You Think

Credit: Ivan Reis/Joe Prado (DC)
Credit: Ivan Reis/Joe Prado (DC)

DC's Legion of Super-Heroes will be making their long-awaited return to DC continuity ... and doing it even sooner than you think.

After news that the classic cosmic team will be featured in a two-issue Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium event  this September and then their own subsequent ongoing series, Newsarama has learned that the team will actually debut before that - in August 14's Superman #14.

"They have come here for a reason, and that reason is because of something that happened in the Superman family. And that is all going to be revealed on page," Bendis tells Newsarama. "I know a lot of people are wondering what their connection is to the story. I’ve been teasing almost to the point of cruelty on Twitter about this."

Along with the news, DC has released the solicitation for September's Superman #15 - featuring the Ryan Sook-redesigned LoSH as drawn by Ivan Reis an Joe Prado.

"I’m so deeply excited that we’re revealing this cover and this information," said Bendis.

Credit: Ivan Reis/Joe Prado (DC)

Here is the solicitation for Superman #15 - look for DC's full September 2019 solicitations later this month. But check back later on Friday for a full-length interview with Bendis about LoSH's return in Superman.

art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
At last, it’s the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes! The greatest super heroes of the 32nd century have traveled back in time not just to meet the heroes who inspired them, but to make an offer…but to which hero? And why will that choice tear Superman’s life apart? Plus, the fallout from Lex Luthor’s conversation with Lois Lane escalates! What dark secret did Lex tell Lois?
ON SALE 09.11.19

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