MARVEL Allowing Midnight Release of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1

Absolute Carnage
Credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated August 2, 2019: With less than a week before its release, Marvel has authorized retailers to begin selling August 7's Absolute Carnage #1 at midnight - and has stated the first two printings of the to-be-released debut issue have already sold out, leading to a third printing being prepped.

In addition to Absolute Carnage #1, all other Marvel titles of the week will also be available at midnight in participating stores. According to Marvel's schedule, they are: Aero #2, Agents of Atlas #1, Black Cat #3, Champions #8, Conan the Barbarian: Exodus #1, Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #6, Daredevil #9, Dead Man Logan #10, Doctor Strange #18, Fearless #2, Future Foundation #1, House of X #2, Immortal Hulk #22, Invisible Woman #2, Major X #0, Old Man Quill #8, Savage Avengers #4, Sensational Spider-Man: Self-Improvement #1, Star Wars #70, and The Punisher #14.

Original Story: Marvel Comics are encouraging retailers to throw launch parties in conjunction with the release of Absolute Carnage #1 on August 7.

The publisher has rush-solicited a "launch party" package that retailers can order (with a deadline of July 15). No artwork is shown, but it's said to include limited edition variant covers and miscellaneous "promotional items."

After glow-in-the-dark eyeballs for Original Sin and God Wheels for War of the Realms, what interesting Carnage-themed tchotchkes could Marvel release? Let us know in the comments.

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