DC's LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Returns in New Ongoing

Legion of Super-Heroes - Millenium art
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

DC's Legion of Super-Heroes will finally return in full-force this September - first with a two-part prelude special, followed by an ongoing series, both by Brian Michael Bendis. 

It all kicks off September 18 with Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1, the first of a two-issue monthly limited series setting the stage - and paving the way for a 31st Century future connecting all of DC's future timelines. That's right, the future's of Kamandi, Booster Gold, OMAC, Tommy Tomorrow, and Legion of Super-Heroes will all be incorporated into one unified continuity timeline. 

Credit: DC

"The series focuses on a most unlikely tour guide to the 31st century, a familiar face to DC fans who finds herself suddenly immortal," reads DC's description. "As she learns to cope with her newfound immortality and the reason she was chosen for this quest, her 1,000-year odyssey will connect all of DC’s future timelines for the very first time."

Following that, a Legion of Super-Heroes ongoing title proper will be launched to explore this new 31st Century future at DC.

The long-awaited return of DC's preminent future superteam follows right on the heels with the long-awaited return of their preiminent superteam of the past. Scott Synder will also bring back the Justice Society of America into mainstream continuity also beginning in September. 

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Bendis, who has been teasing the return of the Legion and other characters over the last week, is writing both the limited series prelude and subsequent ongoing, with Ryan Sook drawing the LoSH ongoing and a host of artists working on Millennium, each drawing a different character. In Millennium #1, the character-artist team-ups are Supergirl-Jim Lee, Batman Beyond-Dustin Nguyen, Kamandi-Andrea Sorrentino, and Tommy Tomorrow-André Lima Araújo. For Millennium #2, the pairings are Booster Gold-Nicola Scott, OMAC-Jim Cheung, 'Off-World'-Jeff Dekal, and Legion of Super-Heroes-Ryan Sook.

Credit: DC

"Since its Silver Age origin, the Legion of Super-Heroes has been the cornerstone of the future DC Universe," said Bendis. "Over time, a wealth of future characters and stories have emerged since the Legion’s beginnings and connecting these threads to an updated version of the Legion is a story Ryan and I can’t wait to tell."

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Check out a gallery with more art from Millennium #1 and #2 right here. 

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