LIEFELD Said DC Asked About IMAGE & EXTREME Crossover

Credit: Joe Benitez (DC/Image)
Credit: Wizard World

Rob Liefeld says that his fellow Image Comics founder (and current DC Chief Creative Officer/Co-Publisher) Jim Lee reached out to him recently for a unique crossover between DC and Image.

"So, a few weeks back, I get a call and some texts from Jim Lee, long story short, he asks if I'd be interested in bringing some of my Extreme characters over to DC Comics for a special that would come as soon as the end of this year where the Image characters team up in a bunch of short stories with DC comics characters," Liefeld posted on Facebook. "I said I'd consider it and that's it, nothing else, I assume as of this week, it was still in play."

Credit: Todd McFarlane/Kiko Taganashi (Image Comics/DC)

DC has crossed over with Image on a few previous occasions, including Spawn/Batman and several crossovers with Top Cow's characters. And of course, DC bought Jim Lee's WildStorm imprint (once a part of Image) in 1999. Recently McFarlane signed an expansive toy/action figure deal with DC, and Jim Lee is announced as drawing something for Image's upcoming Spawn #300.

Why would Liefeld seemingly spoil the announcement of such an event? Good question.

"Because I simply didn't care about the affects one iota when I expressed that I think DC Comics should get new management," the writer/artist continued. "You see I'm a fan of all comics, I don't discriminate and there isn't a store in my county that hasn't seen me frequent their establishment looking for another comic book to purchase on a regular basis. I don't speak my mind nearly enough, we all used to talk more openly but everyone fears ramifications now."

"I'd just like a DC Comic company that reflects the one I grew up with, the one that produced Camelot 3000, Watchmen, Dark Knight, New Titans and I'm not intimidated, I'll express it," Liefeld posted. "That's just my opinion, I expressed it because I don't care the fallout. I don't care if there is an Image Comics/DC Comics special and I'm left out as a result. Like, seriously, get outta here with that!"

Liefeld brings up that he recently drew some Superman variants earlier this year for DC, and said he was in talks to work on a Thundarr the Barbarian project.

"I did some covers for DC earlier this year that went over rather well with the base. And in the interest of full disclosure, the one property that I had been having a dialogue with DC about over the past year was Thundarr the Barbarian, a real barn burner of a property right? But that went nowhere fast many months back. They always bring up Hawk and Dove to me but I decline."

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