WALLY WEST Looks For Redemption After HEROES IN CRISIS In New Solo Title

Flash Forward #1
Credit: Evan "Doc" Shaner (DC)

After Heroes in Crisis, Wally West returns this September looking to "find redemption in a cosmos that has fought so fard to destroy him." First reported by CBR, writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth are telling that story in Flash Forward, a six-issue limited series debuting this September.

In the recently-completed Heroes in Crisis, West accidentally killed several fellow heroes while in care at the superhero rehabilitation center known as Sanctuary. Things went from bad to worse when West attemped to cover his tracks by traveling through time, killing additional heroes, and attempting to kill himself. He was stopped in the Heroes in Crisis finale, and last seen imprisoned by the Justice League for his crimes.

Lobdell and Booth's Flash Forward #1 is scheduled to debut September 18. Here is the solicitation but check back here at Newsarama later this month for DC's full September 2019 solicitations.

Credit: Evan "Doc" Shaner (DC)

written by SCOTT LOBDELL
cover by EVAN “DOC” SHANER
variant cover by INHYUK LEE
His name is Wally West—and he was the Fastest Man Alive. That is, until the Multiverse was rewritten without him or his family in it. Wally returned and tried to make it work, but the damage was done. Spinning out of the events of HEROES IN CRISIS, follow the man who called himself Flash on an adventure to find redemption in a cosmos that has fought so hard to destroy him.
ON SALE 09.18.19

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