MEN IN BLACK's TESSA THOMPSON 'Pitched' HUMANS IN BLACK, But Admits It's Less Than Ideal

Men in Black: International
Credit: Sony Pictures

Men In Black: International star Tessa Thompson offered praise for the film's increased focus on its female castmembers at a red carpet event for the film, confessing somewhat jokingly that she even pitched the idea of changing the name from "Men in Black" to something more gender-inclusive - though Thompson says she never landed on a great idea.

"I pitched a few ideas," Thompson said of changing the title away from relying on the word 'Men', to reflect the gender-diverse nature of the cast. "I pitched 'People In Black,' but that's P.I.B. and that sounds like a sandwich!"

"Then I pitched Humans In Black, but that's H.I.B. and that's ... it sounds like something you don't want to get," Thompson explained, implying a similarity to the acronym H.I.V. "I don't know, we'll see. I think we could maybe change the name at some point, but the truth is [the presence of women in the movie] is really significant, and I hope we can get to the space where it's not noteworthy when women topline [sci-fi and genre] films. And I think a film like this helps us get there."

Here's video of the exchange:

Men In Black: International is due out in theaters June 14.

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