BRYAN HITCH Shares His Comic Project Bucket List

X-Men #2
Credit: Bryan Hitch (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Bryan Hitch (DC)

Bryan Hitch is currently working on three secret projects for DC, but that hasn't stopped him from sharing his 'bucket list' of comic book projects he wants to work on someday before he retires.

"So list of stuff to do before retirement: Batman, Superman, Titans, DC cosmic stuff, DC western, Crisis event thing, [Green Lantern], [Spider-Man], Micronauts, Thor, Hulk, X-Men and a bunch of other stuff," The 49-year-old writer/artist tweeted. "Should do most of that, right?"

Hitch recently finished a 12-issue run drawing DC's Hawkman, and is currently under an 'exclusive' contract with the publisher. The UK creator says he has plans to work on two monthly titles for DC in the near future, as well as a one-shot. That being said, he has copious ideas for the future - he just needs the time to draw it.

"I don't need stories. Those I have. Its drawing time that makes it economically unviable," Hitch continued. "I'll figure it out (or not). I have massive Logan story in my notes for whenever I might be back at Marvel."

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