SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Footage Features Classic IRON-SPIDER Suit, More

Iron Spider
Credit: Michael Turner (Marvel Comics)

Some new footage from Spider-Man: Far From Home shows off new details of Spider-Man's support structure, including where he gets his suits - and which ones may appear in the movie.

In one clip, a brief 30-second teaser that expands on a scene from the previous full trailer, MJ's knowledge of Peter's identity is even more apparent - she and Ned appear to help Spider-Man with the tech in his all black stealth suit.

Credit: Sony Pictures

That clip can be seen here, followed by a collection of officially released footage for the film.

And in another, longer clip for Chinese markets, Peter goes deeper into the resources left to him by Tony Stark, such as an apparent collection of Spider-suits - including what appears to be at least a schematic for the Tony Stark designed red and gold Iron-Spider suit. Alongside an apparent arsenal of suits, Peter also appears to have a version of Tony's glasses, with all their built-in tech.

That clip can be seen right here, with the Iron-Spider suit appearing briefly at precisely the 15-second mark.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is due out in North American theaters July 2.

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