Paper Cuts
Credit: Joni Miller
Credit: Shane McDermott

Press Release

A Group of Memphis artists, designers, and illustrators prepare to launch their first Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of their debut Comic Anthology, Paper Cuts.

Paper Cuts is a full-color, 160-page comic anthology measuring at 6.625” x 10.25” and features an eclectic collection of stories by artists from around the United States, most of who are alums of the Comics and Illustration Program at Memphis College of Art. This project is launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday, June 4th with a goal of $12,800 to cover the cost of printing and distribution.

Credit: Joni Miller

The PaperCuts Anthology is a genuine labor of love for visual storytelling that forgoes the restrictions of an underlying theme and embraces the diversity of styles and interests unique to each creator. There are stories about velociraptor birthday parties, gun-slinging wicked witches of the Wild West, nonsensical post-apocalyptic survival adventures, space exploration with unsettling first contact, angsty love stories, and more. This book is available exclusively through Kickstarter and will only be printed if the funding goal is met within 30 days. Check out their campaign at and on Instagram or Facebook @PaperCutsComicAnthology.

Credit: Elliot Boyette

“Many of us were huge fans of the original Flight Comic anthology back when we were students and have wanted to create our own anthology for a long time.” Elliot Boyette and Shane McDermott manage the PaperCuts Anthology and corresponding Kickstarter Campaign. Elliot, the Art Director, is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer for The City of Memphis.

Shane, the Editor, is a cartoonist, character designer, illustrator, and former assistant professor of Comics, Digital Painting, and Illustration at Memphis College of Art.

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