America Chavez
Credit: FoxNext

America Chavez is being added as a playable character to FoxNext's mobile RPG MARVEL Strike Force.

"As the Marvel Universe’s leading Latin-American LGBTQI advocate, America Chavez’s unique powers lie in her superhuman strength, speed, flight and invulnerability," reads FoxNext's announcement.

Credit: FoxNext

"Players can use her special abilities to Synergize with her fellow Brawler heroes and create Star Portals, allowing her to teleport and clobber her enemies with sneak attacks. With these powers, America Chavez is a superhero Strike Force commanders will be proud to have on their teams."

America Chavez' inclusion in the game is concurrent with a longer Pride Week celebration for MARVEL Strike Force. The week-long special will include calendars, blitz milestones, orbs, and America Chavez character shards.

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