FEAR THE FUTURE - And These Mysterious POWERS OF X Mutants

'Powers Of X' teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

A new Powers of X teaser shows three characters - two of which have been depicted in previously seen art - who appear to be amalgamations of existing Marvel mutants, along with the phrase "Fear the future."

Check it out:

From left to right, there's a character who appears to have traits of both Nightcrawler and his father Azazel, a figure who resembles Magneto but in his daughter Polaris' color scheme, and finally someone who appears to have characteristics of both Magik and her brother Colossus.

In all cases, the characters seem to combine traits of X-Men characters with familial connections. It's unclear what or who they are. Easy speculation would be that they are future mutants, given the tagline - however writer Jonathan Hickman previously stated that his story will not involve alternate universes or time travel.

Powers of X #1 is due out July 31.

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