JUSTICE LEAGUE Reaches Out to Surprising Allies in #25 Ahead of 'Doom War' - SPOILERS

Justice League #25
Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers ahead for this week's Justice League #25.

This week’s Justice League #25 ended with the team reaching out to some strange potential allies: the Monitor and Anti-Monitor are being invited to fight beside the Justice League in their battle with Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom.

Those aren’t the only surprising characters joining the League. Artwork in Justice League #25 indicated that Multiversal characters like Captain Carrot and the Calvin Ellis Superman will help the League with the upcoming “Justice: Doom War,” as well as a slew of unexpected characters from the DCU itself, from Krypto to Shazam.

The solicitation for July’s Justice League #27 already hinted that the Monitor and Anti-Monitor might show up in the series, but this week’s issue makes it clear that the Justice League are the ones who ask for their assistance thanks to another odd new ally of the League - the World Forger.

Justice League #25 also reveals the resurrection of Lex Luthor (after he exploded himself). He now has a big, new, gray body and a hooded cloak — making him resemble Voldemort (but with a nose).

According to Lex, his new body is “unfinished,” and he’ll get around to finishing the job later.

Written by Scott Snyder with art and co-plotting by Jorge Jimenez, Justice League #25 is the final chapter in “The Sixth Dimension” storyline, but it also sets up the “Year of the Villain” events in other DC books in July.

And as Snyder himself told Newsarama earlier this week, the events will eventually lead to the DC Multiverse being “judged” by grand celestial beings who will decide if it lives or dies.

Let’s take a look at spoilers for Justice League #25 and find out how (and why) the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor, and a slew of other characters are being invited to join the Justice League.


Credit: DC Comics

Superman’s Trap

The issue kicks off with a review of Superman’s predicament. Clark is trapped in a darkened sector of a pocket universe in the Sixth Dimension where there is almost no sunlight — at least not any that is reachable by Superman.

The trap was created by the World Forger to stop Superman from meddling in his plans to destroy the DC Multiverse and replace it with a new one.

In a previous issue, Batman moved the only yellow suns in the pocket universe even further away from Clark. It seemed like Batman betrayed his friend and sided with the World Forger, thinking this more brutal world was a better one than the current DCU.

Sixth Dimension Battle

As Clark is dying in the almost-dark, elsewhere in the Sixth Dimension, the Justice League of today is fighting the “Justice League of Tomorrow.” (They just found out that this future League was basically mind-controlled into doing the World Forger’s bidding.)

The World Forger is just about ready to strike his hammer onto the “Crisis Anvil” to start the process of destroying the DC Multiverse and replacing it.

But Batman tries to delay the hammer strike.


Because when Batman moved the suns away from Clark, he actually put them into a concentrated orbit, one that would have enough energy for Clark to revive himself.

But will Clark make it to the far-away suns before the Justice League is defeated by their evil future selves and the World Forger strikes his hammer?

Well, of course he does.

Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

Superman flies through every one of the yellow suns and is really powered up as he hits the World Forger just before his hammer strikes.

New Plan

Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

The impact destroys a chunk of the World Forger’s new universe, apparently ruining its chances of replacing the existing one.

As the World Forger claims they’ve doomed the whole Multiverse to destruction, Superman and Batman invite the World Forger to join them in their efforts to fix the existing Multiverse.

Superman thanks Bruce for putting all those yellow suns in a row for him, but Bruce admits that he actually liked World Forger’s idea, but he knew his friend Superman wouldn’t. “He’s my friend, and he makes me believe in things I can’t on my own,” Bruce admits in a true bromance moment.

So the World Forger joins the team. And they all leave the Sixth Dimension and go home.


Lex, What Have You Done?

The world is a mess. Not only did Mxyzptlk destroy much of it before he was stopped, but the Legion of Doom made a real mess of things in the aftermath of the battle.

Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

Mera and Starman report to the Justice League what they missed:

- Bat-Mite and the Legion of Doom stopped Mxy and saved the world.

- Lex broadcast to all the humans of Earth that the Justice League broke the Source Wall and now their Earth and the entire Multiverse is doomed to destruction.

- Lex encouraged all of the people of Earth to be selfish and save themselves and be villains, thus announcing the “Year of the Villain.”

- He announced that he was dissolving LexCorp. And he was giving away his fortune and all his patents to people who can make “better use of them.” (Batman correctly guessed that those people would be the world’s worst villains — the “offer” portion of the “Year of the Villain.”)

- Lex and the Legion of Doom infiltrated the White House, took down Amanda Waller and found out the locations of the world’s villains.

- Captain Atom and the government went after Lex in his office tower, but Lex blew up the tower and himself (as seen in DC’s Year of the Villain special in May).

- Riots started almost immediately after Lex’s announcement, and when Martian Manhunter and Jarro reached out to get a feel for people’s minds, they said things are “very bad.”

New New Plan

So now the team started coming up with ideas. What to do… what to do…

Three ideas emerge:

Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

A) The World Forger said he thinks they should recruit the Anti-Monitor and the Monitor.

B) Starman said he thinks they should reach out to alternate heroes, “through Hypertime and the Multiverse.”

C) Wonder Woman said they should ask bunches of heroes from Earth to join their fight and grow the Justice League to “bigger than ever before.”

D) All of the above.

Martian Manhunter chooses D.

“There’s a great war of Justice and Doom coming,” J’onn announces. The road to “Doom War” begins!

Zombie Lex

In the Legion of Doom headquarters, Brainiac has installed Lex Luthor’s mind into a new body.

Zombie Lex jumps out of his incubator. He pulls a hooded cloak over his body. He’s big, and creepy, and kind of gray.

“The air stings, but this body is still unfinished,” Zombie Lex announces. “I’ve laid the groundwork for my evolution. I’ll see to that next…”

Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)
Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

But first, drones!

Brainiac gets the drones ready to be released. Where are they going? To visit the worst villains of the Earth, to make them offers so good that they can’t refuse them.

“It’s time the Justice League understood,” Lex says, “their doom has only just begun.”

The story continues in June 19's Justice League #26.

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