New LOIS LANE and DOOM PATROL Fully Returnable (With a Catch)

DC Comics July 2019 solicitations
Credit: Mike Perkins (DC)
Credit: Nick Derington (DC/Young Animal)

DC is offering full returnability on Lois Lane #1 and Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1 - with a catch.

Credit: Mike Perkins (DC)

Retailers can return unsold copies of both issues for full credit with Diamond Comic Distributors if their orders match certain benchmarks. For Lois Lane #1, their orders of that issue (both covers, combined) must match or exceed their orders for the earlier Action Comics #1006. For Doom Patrol #1, orders (both covers, included) must match the recent Young Justice #3.

The publisher also says that future issues could also be returnable, but does not give specifics.

Both issues are scheduled for release July 3.

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