Wolfman & Perez Continue TEEN TITANS Run 23 Years Later

Wolfman & Perez Complete TEEN TITANS

Writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez changed the comic world when they brought the New Teen Titans to life. Uniting Robin-turned Nightwing with other young heroes from across the DC Universe, they took the X-Men's young-heroes formula and perfected it. With stories dealing with everything from major action to heartbreak and betrayal, they proved that young people could be at the center of decidely grown up stories, and readers responded by making it one of the consistently best-selling books, and a launching point for a new line of books that continues today.

After originally beginning work on an original graphic novel in 1987, the book was delayed, then re-announced, then delayed, etc., etc. Now, announced on DCU Blog The Source this morning, Teen Titans: Games is finally going to ship this year, completed by the original creative team of Wolfman and Perez. It's the "Lost New Teen Titans" story, featuring the characters as they were 23 years ago. The book will be a 120 page OGN, and joins a few other announced OGNs from DC this year, including their new Earth One line. This marks a shift in publishing for the company, and the perfect time to finally release this long-awaited project.

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