DARK PHOENIX DAY Declared in Los Angeles

Still from 'Dark Phoenix' red carpet event
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

During Tuesday night's Dark Phoenix red carpet premiere, the film's writer/director Simon Kinberg was joined by Kevin James, Director of Film and Television Production for the Los Angeles Mayor's Office to declare June 4 "Dark Phoenix Day," in honor of the X-Men film franchise and the character of Phoenix herself.

"For as Dark Phoenix is the culmination of the groundbreaking, hugely successful X-Men series and one of the most iconic stories in comic book history, and whereas Dark Phoenix, with its main character, an emboldened female, is a tribute to the world's X-Women, female superheroes, role models, and strong women everywhere," read the official declaration, presented publicly by James. "And whereas Dark Phoenix upholds the X-Men tradition of celebrating the notion that what makes you different makes you strong, and whereas the message of Dark Phoenix is about the importance of family, being there for each other, and putting aside personal differences in order to fight for what is right and for the future of the planet, and whereas I urge all citizens and mutants to celebrate the conclusion of the X-Men franchise and its tremendous global impact on popular culture."

"Now, therefore I, Eric Garcetti, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, do hereby recognize Dark Phoenix for its portrayal of empowered females and as the concluding chapter of the immensely popular, long-running X-Men film series for nearly 20 years," concluded the statement.

Video of the presentation can be seen here, with the declaration taking place around the 37-minute mark:

Dark Phoenix opens in theaters June 7.

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