Winter Soldier
Credit: Butch Guice (Marvel Comics)

Updated June 6, 2019, 5:07 PM: The latest hero to join Marvel's spate of "No compromise, no mercy" teasers is Winter Soldier.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The cryptic teasers still bear no information about what the story being built to will be. 

Updated June 6, 2019: Another anti-hero has joined the line-up forming of Marvel's ongoing "No compromise, no mercy" teasers - Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Like with the previous teasers (seen below), no details regarding the nature of the story are given, with all promised to be revealed on June 11's edition of Marvel's Pull List show. 

Hellstrom recently made headlines as the focus of an upcoming Hulu TV series.

Updated June 6, 2019: Angela is the latest Marvel hero to be the subject of a "No compromise, no mercy" teaser from Marvel Comics. Angela's return to the Marvel U is solicited for War of the Realms #6, and when asked about her return series editor Wil Moss told Newsarama that she would have a "central role" in an upcoming new title.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"Angela is indeed in War of the Realms #6, but for her big moment during this war - a moment that's been coming ever since we learned her true origin in Original Sin: Thor & Loki -- don't miss Asgardians of the Galaxy #10," said Moss. "And Angela plays a central role in a big new series spinning out of War of the Realms that we haven't announced yet (but soon will be!)."

Updated June 5 2019: Marvel Comics has added a third "No compromise, no mercy" teaser, this time featuring Wiccan. That makes a roster of Wiccan, Blade, and Monica Rambeau - three characters with ties to different eras of Mighty Avengers line-ups.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original Story: Marvel Comics has released two cryptic teaser images of of heroes leaping into action with the phrase "No compromise, no mercy". First Blade, and now Monica Rambeau/Spectrum.

Credit: Marvel Comics





Credit: Marvel Comics

No details of what the teaser may be setting up are indicated in the image, however more information is promised in the June 11 edition of Marvel's Pull List show.

Blade is currently a member of the Avengers, but his connection to Spectrum goes back to 2013-2015's Mighty Avengers where both were members.

Editor's Note: Story has been updated with the later release of the Spectrum image.

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