JIM LEE Designs Backpack For Comic Creators & Collectors

Jim Lee with Hex X backpacks
Jim Lee with Hex X backpacks
Credit: Hex

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New Kickstarter campaign aims to make the ultimate comic focused backpacks a reality

HEX, award-winning fashion accessory brand, today announced two new backpacks designed by comic book legend Jim Lee. A Kickstarter campaign to make these comic creator and collector backpacks a reality starts June 5th.

HEX x Jim Lee Artist Backpack

The HEX x Jim Lee Artist Backpack was created to allow artists like Jim to carry both art supplies and an art portfolio around safely. The HEX x Jim Lee Comic Collector Backpack was designed specifically for comic convention goers to safely store new and rare comics while travelling.

Credit: Hex

The Artist Backpack features a removable 11” x 17” portfolio, an art supply organizer including a waterproof section to hold ink and paint, a fleece lined laptop pocket and a padded tablet pocket. The outside of the backpack features a phone and passport pocket and a versatile a mesh side pocket.

While this backpack is focused on functionality, it also carries the unmistakable design signature of Jim Lee. There is a Jim Lee luggage tag and the lining features a subtle nod to Jim Lee’s Batman with an electric blue original Batman sketch.

Credit: Hex

Jim Lee explained that, “the aim was to provide a subtle call out to the origins of the bag without it becoming a Batman bag.”

HEX x Jim Lee Collectors Backpack

The HEX x Jim Lee Collectors Backpack has been created for comic book collectors as a way to safely transport comics. Comic convention goers routinely carry hundreds if not thousands of dollars of comics around in flimsy bags. This backpack provides secure and safe storage for comic book enthusiasts.

Inside the top of the backpack is a file folder with individual sleeves so that multiple bagged and boarded or slab comics can be held securely. Additionally, there’s a fleece lined laptop section. It’s even possible to lock the top of the files for extra security.

Credit: Hex

There is an easy access pocket that is the exact size of the Overstreet Price Guide. Plus, there’s an expandable mesh pocket on each side to carry poster tubes.

The Collectors Backpack features the same custom Batman lining as the Artists Backpack. There is also a Special Edition version of the Collectors Backpack that extends the Batman artwork to the external pocket. Other unique features include “Batarang” zipper tags.

Credit: Hex

“These bags have been designed with incredible attention to detail.” says Trent Valladares, Co – Founder of Hex. “Jim Lee has put an extraordinary amount of thought into the designs, so each bag is the best in its class without compromise.”

HEX x Jim Lee Artists Backpack Features:

    Removable 11” x 17” Artist Portfolio
    Art Supply Organizer
    Waterproof Ink Pocket
    Fleece Lined Laptop Pocket
    Padded Tablet Pocket
    Mesh Side Pocket
    Combo Phone Passport Pocket
    Charger Cable Pass Through
    Quick Access card/D Pocket
    Luggage Pass Through
    Custom Jim Lee Luggage Tag
    Custom Jim Lee Lining
    Water Resistant 400D Twist Dobby Polyester with PU Coating

 HEX x Jim Lee Collectors Backpack Features:

    Individual Fleece Lined Comic Carrying Pockets
    Padded Laptop Sleeve
    Overstreet Price Guide Pocket
    Anti-theft Zipper Lock
    Poster Tube Holder
    Exterior Phone Pocket
    Custom Jim Lee Batman Lining
    Water Resistant 600D Polyester with PU Coating
    Limited Edition Only Features
    Jim Lee Front Pocket
    “Batarang” Zipper Pulls

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