JUSTICE LEAGUE #25 Welcomes New Series Artist JAVI FERNÁNDEZ

Justice League #25
Credit: Javi Fernández (DC)
Javi Fernández
Javi Fernández
Credit: Javi Fernández

This week's Justice League #25 is the finale of writer Scott Snyder and artist Jorge Jimenez's "The Sixth Dimension" arc - but it is also the introduction of a new series artist: Javi Fernández.

Fernández will draw the second half of #25 then be the series' regular artist from #26 . The artist comes to the book after drawing Green Arrow, Detective Comics, and Nightwing.

Newsarama spoke with Fernández earlier this year just as he began his work onJune 5's Justice League #25. With this interview, DC has shared some of his work from Justice League #25 - but beware, there are heavy spoilers.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: Javi, let's start out slow - what are you working on today?

Javi Fernández: Right now I´m drawing fifteen pages of Justice League #25, a backstory that will be the introduction of my arc that begins in issue #26. These fifteen pages will connect to the finale of "The Sixth Dimension" by Jorge and Scott and start the new arc, "Justice: Doom War." It really is very emotional and a great responsibility to be in this anniversary issue with these two big stars of the industry.

Nrama: You're taking over from your stablemate Jorge Jimenez - have you had any conversations with him about the title?

Credit: Javi Fernández (DC)

Fernández: Of course! Jorge and I are study partners and we’ve discussed many things about the series. When I received the proposal to work on Justice League, Jorge was one of the first people to find out. From that first moment he has helped me with any questions I have had to understand perfectly how each character acts and feels.

It is very funny to me that in my first issues we are each on a different Justice League team. It is very exciting!

Nrama: What are your thoughts on Justice League? Were you a fan before?

Fernández: I’ve followed the Justice League at different times; Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis's run, Grant Morrison´s run, the re-launch by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee and now Scott, James Tynion IV, and Jorge’s run that looks incredible, especially this last arc.

I’ve had the luck to see several of Scott and Jorge’s books before they went to print, and all I can say is that this is the most epic, exciting and emotional story that I’ve read in a long time!

Credit: Javi Fernández (DC)

Nrama: Which of the team's characters are you most excited about drawing?

Fernández: For everyone who follows my work, they know that my love for Bat-family and Batman in particular is huge. But, I´m now enjoying Martian Manhunter, Cheetah, and Sinestro. Each and every one of these characters has something that makes them different and very exciting to draw. I could not choose just one!

Nrama: This comes as you renew your exclusive with DC for another two years. You joined DC in 2015 after drawing X-Men and Magneto for Marvel. What is it about DC that makes it a place you want to stay? Is it the editors, the opportunities, the characters, the creators, or simply just the pay and reliability?

Credit: Javi Fernández (DC)

Fernández: I remember with great affection my time at Marvel. I had the opportunity to share a series with Gabriel Hernandez Walta, another great friend and neighbor, but since I drew Batman Eternal the consistent support from DC has been incredible. Editors, assistants, and teammates have made me feel at home, which is very important for me. I really hope to be here a long time.

Nrama: Big picture, what are your goals moving forward in comics?

Fernández: Today, I’m giving my best to Justice League. There are many series and characters (Constantine, Batman’s villains, Azrael, Zatanna…) in the DC universe that I would like to draw again! But today, I do not know a better place to be than with the World’s Greatest Super Heroes!

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