The Hound of Hell is Hungry in VAMPIRELLA: ROSES FOR THE DEAD #4 Preview

Vampirella: Roses for the Dead #4

Cerberus strikes out in this preview of June 5's Vampirella: Roses for the Dead #4.

Vampirella: Roses For The Dead #4
writer: Kristina Deak-Linsner | artist: Joseph Michael Linsner
covers: Joseph Michael Linsner (A), Billy Tucci (B)
Billy Tucci (RI-B/W), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI-B/W)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen+
Vampirella and Evily are hot on the trail of their prey due to a hot tip from a Florist friend. Evily realizes she must have Klovus, her “Agathion” present to successfully perform the “Arrow Of Time” spell. Clare is sending them telepathic messages from her comatose state. Blake and Natalia are scheming to find their next victim.

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