Dinosaurs Rule Outer Space in ALIEN BONES

Alien Bones
Credit: 1First Comics
Credit: 1First Comics

1First Comics has announced Alien Bones, an original graphic novel from writer Chris 'Doc' Wyatt and Chris Grine which explores the idea that dinosaurs first ruled other planets before coming to Earth.

Alien Bones follows the story of Liam Mycroft, a ten-year-old boy who embarks on an intergalactic adventure with his best friend, his robot, and his pet dinosaur.

"The original idea behind the book came from wanting to thrill my son with an adventure out in the universe,” said Wyatt in a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter). “I can admit that astronomy can sometimes seem dry and boring in the classroom, so I wanted to find a way to encourage my kid to think about the cosmos as an exciting place to explore and discover. He was interested, at the time, in dinosaurs — a lot of kids go through a dinosaur phase, and my son was no different. So, I thought: ‘What about kids having adventures with dinosaurs in space?’”

“When I was growing up, the idea that there might be other planets out in deep space, beyond our solar system, was widely accepted, but wasn’t yet proven,” Wyatt continued. “Now over 4,000 exoplanets have been pinpointed, and astronomers are discovering more all the time! What secrets might those planets hold? What epic journeys could they provide? Let’s hope we can use storytelling to raise a generation of explorers with enough passion and curiosity to try and answer those questions!”

“This original graphic novel really let me to push my art into new and exciting directions, specifically deep into the heart of outer space,” added Grine. “What’s more awesome than dinosaur fossils? Alien dinosaurs!”

Alien Bones will be available in comic book stores October 2 and in wide release October 8.

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