MARVEL Giving Out Free HOUSE OF X / POWERS OF X Books Ahead of Hickman's New X-MEN Era

'House of X #1' variant covers
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

One week before the debut of Jonathan Hickman's new X-Men era, Marvel are releasing a free previews sampler book. Scheduled to hit shelves July 17, House of X / Powers of X Free Previews is scheduled to include excerpts from both books, as well as interviews, and other ancilliary material.

All stories with a active Diamond Comic Distributors account will receive one free 25-pack bundle, with larger accounts getting up to five free 25-pack bundles. Additional bundles are available to order at $5 per bundle, wholesale.

Marvel have not disclosed any plans to release this digitally.

Coincidentally, this release date would be the opening day of Comic-Con International: San Diego.

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