Levitz Writing Adventure; AND Legion

After announcing a few months ago that Paul Levitz would be taking over Adventure Comics, with the lead story becoming the tales of the Legion of Super-heroes, DC this morning announced they'd be changing their plans slightly. Levitz will still be writing Adventure Comics, and he'll still be writing Legion of Super-heroes, but he'll be doing it in two books.

In Spring 2010, Legion of Super-heroes #1 will launch, written by Paul Levitz and drawn by Yildiray Cinar (Click through the gallery for his first sketches for the book). In his first interview on the launch with our friends at io9, Levitz says he's "thrilled beyond words" at the prospect of picking back up with the team that made both heroes of a far-flung future, and the name Paul Levitz, household names.

The former President and Publisher of DC goes on to describe his new series as picking up an undisclosed time after Geoff Johns' stories wth the Legion in Legion of 3 Worlds, the Superman family of books, and the Adventure second feature.

In the aforementioned interview, Levitz notes that Legion will begin in May, with Adventure following in June. His first Adventure Comics arc will be called "Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes: Secret Origin," and will update Clark Kent's initial adventures with the Legion, based on the most recent origin-refresh seen in Geoff Johns' Superman: Secret Origin mini-series.

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