SHAZAM! #8 Rescheduled For NOVEMBER 2019 Release

Shazam! #8
Credit: Michael Cho (DC)
Credit: Dale Eaglesham (DC)

Updated September 6, 2019: DC has informed retailers that Shazam! #8 has been rescheduled for a November 27 release - 19 weeks past its originally-solicited July 17 ship date.

Shazam! #7 is currently holding at a September 25 release date.

Last week, DC canceled all orders for Shazam! #9 through #11, while telling retailers that they expect those issues "will be resolicited."

Updated August 29, 2019: DC have canceled all orders for Shazam! #9 through #11, but informed retailers that the issues "will be resolicited."

The Geoff Johns/Dale Eagleesham series has had scheduling issues since its December 2018 launch, with every issue except #3 and #4 being pushed back on DC's schedule.

The most recent issue, Shazam! #6, came out on June 6, with #7 originally solicitied to follow on July 3. That issue has been pushed back on several occasions, with DC currently estimating a September 25 release. Shazam! #8 is listed with a October 9 release.

Since the last published issue, Shazam! has been revealed to be one of Batman Who Laughs' "Infected" i
n Batman/Superman #1, while at the same time appearing as a hero in Justice League #30. The character is solicited to continue appearing in Batman/Superman, co-star in October's Black Adam: Year of the Villain one-shot, and be featured in November's The Infected: King Shazam one-shot.

Credit: Michael Cho (DC)

Updated August 21, 2019: For the eighth week in a row, DC has pushed Shazam! #7 one week back on the schedule - now estimating the Geoff Johns/Dale Eaglesham book to arrive in stores September 25.

DC has also revised the release dates of future issues, with Shazam! #8 now set for October 9 and then the next three issues coming out twice-monthly thereafter.

Updated August 14, 2019: Shazam! #7 has been rescheduled for a September 18 release date - 14 weeks past its originally-solicited date of June 19.

First solicited back in March 2019, Shazam! #7 has been rescheduled on several occasions, in some cases affecting the solicited #8 through #11. This week's schedule change did not affect those issues however, with issue #8 scheduled for September 25 and the title planned to ship twice-monthly thereafter.

Updated August 8, 2019: DC has once again rescheduled Shazam! #7, now pegging it for a September 11 release date - 13 weeks later than originally solicited, and the eighth time this particular issue has been rescheduled.

With that, issues #8 through #11 have also been rescheduled, with DC laying out a twice-monthly schedule of September 11, September 25, October 9, October 23, and November 6.

These repeated schedule changes come as Johns' other solicited DC title, Doomsday Clock, is also being pushed back throughout this year.

DC and Johns have not responded to Newsarama's inquiries about these schedule changes, however Johns is currently working as showrunner on the live-action Star Girl show for DC Universe - which was also pushed back from an originally anticipated 2019 debut to now sometime in 2020.

It is not known if the schedule changes to these three projects are related.

Updated August 1, 2019: DC has informed retailers of another schedule change to Shazam #7, now pencilling it in for a September 4 release. That is 12 weeks past its originally-solicited June 19 date.

Unlike previous rescheduling, the subsequent issues' release dates have not been revised.

Updated July 24, 2019: Shazam #7 has been postponed once again, now slotted for an August 28 release - 11 weeks later than originally solicited.

With that, DC has also rescheduled issues #8, #9, and #10 - going for September 11, September 25, and October 9 release dates, respectively.

DC has rescheduled these issues on several occasions, but they are being rescheduled in tandem - signalling the series will be released twice-monthly once Shazam #7 ultimately comes out.

Updated July 17, 2019: DC has postponed Shazam! #7 once again, now pegging the book for a August 21 release.

Issues #8 and #9 have also been postponed - now scheduled for September 4 and September 18, respectively.

Updated July 11, 2019: Unspecified issues have led DC to once again reschedule Shazam! #7, pushing it to an August 14 release date. Along with that, the release dates of #8-10 have also been pushed back.

Shazam! #8 is now set for August 28, with #9 following on September 11, and #10 on September 25.

Despite the scheduling issues, DC's revised schedule has the Geoff Johns/Dale Eaglesham title planned for a twice-monthly release beginning with #7.

Updated June 27, 2019: Shazam! #7 has been rescheduled for August 7 - seven weeks after it's originally solicited June 19 release date.

With that, the release dates of both Shazam! #8 and #9 have also moved back - going to August 21 and September 4, respectively. Shazam! #10 remains listed for a September 18 release.

With this new schedule, DC has mapped out Shazam! releasing twice-monthly for four issues starting with the pushed back #7.

Writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eaglesham remain solicited for all four issues. The reason for these delays has not been stated.

Updated June 13, 2019: DC has once again rescheduled Shazam! #7's release, pegging it now at July 24.

The series was originally solicited For June 19, but was rescheduled twice before now.

With this rescheduling, July 31's Shazam! #8 has been rescheduled for an August 7 release.

That would be a two-week space between two issues, both solicited to be written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Dale Eaglesham.

Updated June 5, 2019: Shazam! #7 has slid back two additional weeks with a current projected release date of July 17.

#7 and #8 were both pushed back two weeks on May 30.

As of now, Shazam! #8 remains on a July 31 release date - two weeks after #7's new release date.

Original Story: DC have informed retailers that Shazam! #7 and #8 have both been pushed back two weeks. #7 is now scheduled for a July 3 release, with #8 following it on July 31. #9 remains on schedule for a August 21 release.

DC had previously done similiar schedule shifts for Shazam! #2, #5, and #6, and additional unsolicited artists have also chipped in on certain issues.

The publisher and creators have not shared a reason for the delays.

Here are the updated solicitations:

written by GEOFF JOHNS
art and cover by DALE EAGLESHAM
variant cover by IVAN REIS
“Shazam and the Seven Magiclands” continues as the shocking new member
of the Shazam family is revealed! This mystery person will send shock waves through the entire cast!
ON SALE 07.03.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

written by GEOFF JOHNS
backup story art by MARCO SANTUCCI
variant cover by MICHAEL CHO
As Billy Batson and the rest of the Shazam Family are about to learn as they cross over into the Darklands, the Magiclands aren’t all fun and games! In a world filled with all kinds of frightful creatures and haunts, nothing will compare to the horrors of Billy’s own internalized fears.
ON SALE 07.31.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

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