CHINA's First Game Publisher Branches Out to American Comics with MYTHKILLERS

Credit: Vicente Cifuentes (Seasun Comics)

Press Release

Seasun Games, one of the Top 5 gaming companies in China, announces the creation of Seasun Comics, an independent publishing arm based in Redwood City, California.

With an aim to build cultural bridges between East and West, Seasun Comics’ debut release is the urban fantasy comics series Mythkillers, the story of an overeducated demigoddess whose band of supernatural misfits desperately struggle to prevent a dark god from destroying the afterlife.   Described as “Guardians of the Galaxy meets Percy Jackson,” Mythkillers will delve into the various mythologies of the world over the span of six issues, with more to follow.

Mythkillers is utilizing Kickstarter for a portion of its financing and distribution. “The point of the Kickstarter is not to raise funds, but fans,” said Philip Daay, managing editor on the project. “Seasun is extremely popular in Asia, but they haven’t released products in the United States. To connect globally, we’ve created a small core team in California specialized in telling stories for Western audiences. Kickstarter allows a small team like ours to command attention in the highly competitive field of comics.”

The Mythkillers series features art by DC Comics veteran Vicente Cifuentes (Batman, Superman) as well as Mateo Guerrero (Gloria Victis, Jakob Kayne).  Spotlighted cover artists include the legendary Ed Benes.  Writer Chris Hepler (Mass Effect, Shadowrun, Star Wars: The Old Republic) is the public face of the project, appearing in several of the Kickstarter’s videos. The series is planned to be released in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

The Mythkillers Kickstarter is currently live. It ends June 25th, 2019 and can be found here or at:

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