Outlaw CHANG BENITEZ Steals a Quiet Moment with KAYLEE in FIREFLY #7 First Look

"Firefly #7" preview

The newly-introduced outlaw Chang Benitez might be purloining Kaylee's heart - much to the ire of some of Kaylee's crewmates - in a first look of June 19's Firefly #7.

"Old enemies become unexpected allies and there might even be a bit of romance brewing in the air," reads BOOM! Studios' descritpion of the issue. "Kaylee’s been spending an awful lot of time with the outlaw Chang Benitez but the crew’s not too happy with her new beau, and one crew member in particular finds the blossoming relationship fairly suspicious. At the same time, Mal must team up with Boss Moon as they both try to survive the coming firefight against Alliance forces."

Publisher : BOOM! Studios
Retail Price : $3.99
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Dan McDaid
Cover Artists:
Main Cover A: Lee Garbett
Preorder Cover B: Joe Quinones
Incentive Cover C: Amelia Vidal
Synopsis: As Serenity and its crew hurdle through space to find their lost Captain and First Mate, romance begins brewin’ from an unlikely place, and not everyone is happy about it.

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